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The Fallacy of Buy-in

By Fred Darbonne | Dec 1, 2018

By Fred Darbonne

Stakeholders can blindside leaders with resistance to their strategic plans. Perhaps the leadership team met on a retreat with a consultant who stimulated their thinking with provocative questions. Possibilities emerged which they had never considered, and they identified resources they had not seen as capital. As they …

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Overcoming Organizational Learning Disabilities

By Fred Darbonne | Oct 22, 2018

Organizations can suffer learning disabilities that prevent them from capitalizing on their experience, as Peter Senge argued in his classic The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization. Strategic planning develops a baseline organizational knowledge that helps its leaders enhance their strengths, recognize and improve weaknesses, be …

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How Strategic Planning Pays Off

By Fred Darbonne | Oct 20, 2018

At business and networking events, after answering the inevitable “What do you do?” I’m often asked, “So, what is strategic planning?”

The question is understandable for nonprofits pressed with daily management issues and resource limitations. Those matters push planning down the list of priorities.

For those who have experienced strategic …

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